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Take your hamster out of its cage so you can play with it.

Let it climb and crawl around you. This will let it know that it is ok to be with you.\

Place your hamster in its hamster ball. This is very important if you want to let your hamster run around safely at home.

Place your hamster in an area it can explore. This could be in the kitchen, behind your pillows, or under your bed etc. - let your hamster rome around areas which are clean and dont have any sort of fallen food also let your ahmster rome around freely in places that you personally find safe. be careful that there are no holes in that region because hamsters tend to squeeze through small spaces.

Let your hamster crawl on the floor. Make sure that your hamster doesn't get to places that are hard for you to reach. Try putting up a barrier so that it can't go to those places.

Make your hamster a maze with your things and put its favorite food somewhere so it can try to find it.

Watch your hamster. You and your hamsters will have fun at the same time if you watch it every second. You will want to watch it every second, too, so it doesn't get hurt.

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