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Give your hamster a treat, such as nuts. Check they aren't poisonous or harmful to your hamster. This is good for dwarf hamsters.

Give it willow branches! If you have a willow tree nearby, grab few of the "suckers" (the long skinny branches growing off the big limbs). Hamsters LOVE them! Get a few bigger ones and they will climb all over and nibble away! They're free and good for your hamster's teeth, too!

Most of all love your hamster and have fun!

Give your hamster a sandwich of his own!! Okay so hamsters are NUTS about NUTS!! so why not give 'em a nutty buttery treat?? okay so first off take a little piece of bread cut into a square and apply a little ( make sure you don't add too much) peanut butter.. hamsters are said to really love it.Over the peanut butter spread sprinkle some sunflower seeds and top it with another slice of bread.Your hamsters are sure to love it!!

you can give your hamster fresh vegetables and seeds they love them!! - give them treats like juicy carrots,sunflower seeds,cucumber,cabbage etc. be sure not to give your hamster any citrus fruits it can seriously upset their stomach. refer my other page which refers to the food you can give your hamster -

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